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Data Transfer

NEURO TOUCH generates cloud based AI reports of the screening. Data from the device is transferred to the NEURO TOUCH android app in the phone (Make sure the mobile phone has internet connectivity) via Bluetooth. App then sends the data to the NEURO TOUCH server to generate reports. NEURO TOUCH has a web portal where customers can login to access the data transferred by the device, analyse and generate report.

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Small & Large Fibres Neuropathy

NEURO TOUCH is used to evaluate Small and Large Nerve Fibres Neuropathy and enable longitudinal tracking for better outcomes.


NEURO TOUCH combines the function of 5 different neuropathy screening devices in to one handheld and portable tool.

AI Powered Reports

AI powered device that enables you to efficiently store, manage, analyse and share test results online, on our secure cloud servers.

Portable (375 gram)

A handheld screening device that can be used anywhere and everywhere. Battery operated device that can be charged with a standard micro-USB charger with the operational duration to screen more than 30 patients on a single charge.



Paper Publications


We have been using NEUROTOUCH at all our clinics since its launch, and it has transformed the way we screen for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. The key aspect is cloud based reporting, which helps in explaining the patients, the status of their foot condition, its progression or regression. It also helps us compare the historical data of the same patient, with the present data.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma, MS, FDFM

We have done the clinical user study and clinical validation of NEURO TOUCH device. The device has helped screen over 1000 patients in our clinic till date and is very helpful in assessing the neuropathic condition in the foot.

Dr. G Arun Maiya, Dean | Manipal College of Health Professions (MCHP), MCHP, MAHE, Manipal Chief: Centre for Diabetic Foot Care & Research

It has been a complete transformation in handling the screening of Diabetic Neuropathy once we started with NEURO TOUCH. It is a 4 in 1 solution for all tests required. The fact that it is portable makes it easy for usage in our Dept of Podiatry.

Dr. Pavan Belehalli, Podiatric Ankle & Foot Surgeon at Karnataka Institute of Endocrinology and Research

I’ve been using NEURO TOUCH device from last 15 months for screening patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. It is a handheld device and makes the screening uncomplicated. We at Lopamudra Medical Centre have screened over 1000+ patients till date. The NEURO TOUCH device is completely wireless makes it exceptional from the other devices.

Dr. Amrit Nanaiah, Lopamudra Medical Centre

NEURO TOUCH is a point of care screening device for Peripheral Neuropathy. I’m pleased that NEURO TOUCH device is in market today. This device has helped to screen over 100 patients in our clinic and hospitable in gauging the neuropathic condition in the foot since June 2019. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day i.e., 15th Nov 2019 we did medical camp for Retinopathy Test and over 20 patients has been screened with this device.

Dr. Nazeer Ahamad, Dr. Nazeer’s Diabetes Centre

Events Calendar

  • NEURO TOUCH Webinar and Training
    As a part of our on-going customer engagement plan we do connect with the Clinic team on a weekly basis and found one common query amongst most of the clinics. The query is what are the next steps / treatment plan if there is Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy detected in a patient. The best way to address this to the forum shall be through a webinar which can be like a Q&A session where in an expert from our side can address the queries. Click on the below link to join the NEURO TOUCH Online Training Program and clear your doubts at the end of the session. Date will be announced soon | |


900+ units sold

85,000+ patients


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Data transfer issues:

    1. Turn on the Internet, Bluetooth, and Location on your device.

    2. Launch the NEURO TOUCH App and enter your Login Credentials to log in.

    3. After logging in the app, switch on the device and place the phone next to the device.

    4. Find the Device Serial Number (DSN), located on the backside of the device.

        Same DSN will be displayed in the NEURO TOUCH App. Click on the DSN in the NEURO TOUCH App to initiate the pairing and data transfer process.

    5. Long press the middle button on the NEURO TOUCH device until the Send Data screen appears.

    6. Press and hold the middle button on the NEURO TOUCH device until the Send Data screen appears.

        Then, press the right key on the NEURO TOUCH device to start data transmission, which will be sent to your phone successfully.

    7. After sending the data, click on Upload Patient Details and fill in all the mandatory patient details, enter the ambient temperature and click Submit.

  • Click here to watch the video

  • B. Allow probes to cool:

        Place the NEURO TOUCH device in an inverted position near a cool area for around 10 to 15 minutes.

        Additionally, ensure to start the screening with the Hot Thermal Test, followed by the Monofilament Test, Vibration Perception Test, and IR Thermometer Test.

        Lastly, conduct the Cold Thermal Test to complete the series of tests.

    C. Where to find the downloaded report on your phone:

        After you have completed uploading the patient details, click on the submit button to generate and download the report to your phone.

        1. For Android Devices:

            To find the downloaded report, go to the Downloads folder, click on options, select sort by and then click on modification time. The report will be available there for you to access.

  • Click here to watch the video

  •     2. For iOS Devices:

            Navigate to the Files app and click "On My iPhone", then click on NEURO TOUCH folder. The downloaded report should be located there.

            Alternatively, you can access the report by going to your Drive and searching for the NEURO TOUCH Folder Open the folder, and the report will be saved inside.

  • Click here to watch the video

  • D. Color-coding is not appearing in the report:

         In Hot Thermal and Cold Thermal Test, if color-coding is not appearing in the report follow these steps:

        1. Navigate to on your web browser.

        2. Input your login credentials and proceed by clicking the login button.

        3. Opt for the "Tests" section from the provided options. Access the "Edit" feature for implementing color-coding where necessary.

        4. Provide the Ambient Temperature and then click on the Submit button.

        5. To obtain and review the report, simply click on the "Download" option.

        6. From next time while filling the patient details, enter the ambient temperature without fail.

  • Click here to watch the video

  • E. Other Issues:

         If you come across any other issues apart from the aforementioned questions, such as ERROR-2, ERROR-3, or difficulties in powering on the device,

         kindly reach out to our customer helpline at +91-8147400338.

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    Yostra Labs Private Limited
    No, 1-51-2/12, First Floor, Vacuum Techniques Compound
    1st Cross Rd, Phase-I, Peenya,
    Koramangala 6th Block
    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560058Phone:(91) 8147400338
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