1. Device does not operate.
Make sure the device is unplugged from the charger and is sufficiently charged. NEURO TOUCH is designed not to operate while charging or connected to a power source.
2. Device does not charge while plugged in.
Make sure the device is switched off while charging. NEURO TOUCH is designed not to charge its batteries while switched ON.
3. Device does not pair with the mobile phone.
Try again after restarting the device by switching OFF and ON and/or by restarting the mobile app by closing and relaunching the app.
4. Mobile app not detecting the device.
Make sure you have given the permission for the app to turn ON the bluetooth of your mobile phone. Some phones such as Motorola requires you to manually pair the device.
Click on the bluetooth icon from the draw down screen of your mobile phone and select the NEURO TOUCH device (Serial number of your device with "NT" prefix)
5. Unable to login in the system or showing wrong password.

Clear cookies or delete browser history by going into browser settings.

6. Unable to send the data to the server.
Make sure you have a decently sufficient internet speed for the app to communicate with the server.
7. Tests are done but the results are not recorded onto the report
Make sure to return to the home screen on the device when all the screening tests are done. Do not switch OFF the device during the screening mode with out navigating back to the home screen.
Switching OFF during the screening mode may result in loss of test data. From home screen navigate to "Send data" option by pressing the Center Key.
8. Temperature of the Hot & Cold probes not matching the set temperature.
Normally it would take few seconds depending on the environmental conditions for the temperature at the probe (blinking reading on the screen) to reach the temperature set by you. We recommend to wait for few seconds before starting with the screening process.
If the problem still persists, please contact the Customer Support.
9. Unexpected IR thermometer readings.
We recommend to hold the device 5cm away from the skin surface under screening for the accurate results. Take the temperature reading of some other surface before performing the test to be sure.
If the problem still persists, please contact the Customer Support.
10. Device keeps on losing the battery charge even if switched OFF.
Please contact the Customer Support immediately.